Mailbag: Katherine Harris Edition

Something about Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL) really brings out terribly snarky responses from TPM Readers.

Yesterday, Paul noted the Florida Recount Queen took $50,000 from the infamous Mitchell Wade of MZM, only to miss the deadline to get an earmark inserted for the company.

Reader LB : “This is the same Katherine Harris, if you remember. . . who was such a stickler for deadlines in November of 2000.”

Harris was wined and dined by Wade at swanky Citronelle, reader ZK spots in a Sarasota Herald-Tribune report — a real eyebrow-raiser, since the restaurant’s prix-fixe menu starts at $85, well over the Congressional $50 gift limit.

Finally, reader MP warns us to mark our calendars. In two weeks, Harris will be speaking at the Reclaiming America for Christ conference in the holy city of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Topic: how to “reset the wildly spinning moral compass of our great land.”

Perhaps her new lawyer will have some suggestions.