ABC: Jefferson Indictment Expected In June

A grand jury is expected to return a formal indictment of Rep. William “Dollar Bill” Jefferson (D-LA) in four to six weeks, ABC News reports.

The network also says that the FBI went to extraordinary lengths in preparing legal justifications and safeguards for its unprecedented raid of the congressman’s Capitol office. Apparently, one of the issues was a collection of documents and computer files the Justice Department had requested — but Congress’ lawyers would not release:

[T]he FBI had sought to obtain documents and computer discs from Jefferson’s office through the use of a grand jury subpoena.

Officials say the House of Representatives General Counsel made copies of the requested documents and discs several weeks ago but then refused to turn them over.

Officials said Judge Thomas Hogan himself suggested the FBI request a search warrant for the Capitol Hill office of the Congressman, which Hogan authorized last Thursday.