Excuse Me Young Page, I Don’t Mean to Trouble Ya / You’re Looking So Fly Inside My BMW

About that car.

Disgraced boy-toyer and former Fla. GOP congressman Mark Foley had a BMW. Convertible, we’re told. And he seems to have enjoyed using it to give rides to 16-year-old boys.

“We proceeded to cruise down in my BMW to Morton’s,” Foley recounted in 2002, telling of a lunch he had with a teenaged page.

But that wasn’t the only instance.

“I’ve seen the way he acts around the pages, it’s very chummy,” one Democratic Hill staffer told me last Thursday. “He has a BMW convertible. . . one day I saw him riding around with a male page.” The staffer guessed it was in 2003. He was struck by how unusual the image was, a page riding around with a member in the member’s car. “It’s one of those things where, if you were really discreet, you would not do those kinds of things.”

How common was this? Anyone else spot Foley “cruising” in his Beemer convertible with young men?