Gonzales before Congress, Round 3

Congress won by T.K.O. two rounds ago, but Alberto Gonzales keeps coming back. He’ll be testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow for the third time since the U.S. attorney firings controversy blew up in March.

This time around, in addition to the usual battery of questions about the firings, he’ll have to respond to Monica Goodling’s revelation that Gonzales talked to her about her recollection of the firing process shortly after Congress launched its investigation. The Justice Department’s internal probe of the firings has expanded to include whether Gonzales might have been improperly trying to shape Goodling’s future testimony. He’s also sure to get questions about why he falsely testified to Congress that he didn’t know of any counterterrorism abuses by the FBI.

Beyond that, you can be sure he’ll come armed with the usual I-think-I-may-be-aware-of-thats.

For those who can’t wait, here are some highlights from prior hearings.