Official at Center of Trooper Gate: Sarah Palin Lied to ABC

Former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, whose firing is at the center of Trooper-Gate, says the Sarah Palin lied in her interview with ABC when she told Charlie Gibson that she dismissed Monegan based on poor job performance and said she “never pressured him to hire or fire anybody.”

“She’s not telling the truth when she told ABC neither she nor her husband pressured me to fire Trooper Wooten,” Monegan told, “And she’s not telling the truth to the media about her reasons for firing me.”

According to Monegan, he met with Todd Palin in December of 2006, just two months after Palin had been elected to office.


“I was called to her Anchorage formal Governor’s office to talk with Todd Palin about an issue that was a private family matter,” recounted Monegan. Todd became “upset,” Monegan recalled, when told the allegations had already been investigated and the case would not be re-opened.

“When Sarah later called to tell me the same thing, I thought to myself, ‘I may not be long for this job.'” But, Monegan said, he stood by his position. “I held the public trust. As Chief, I was responsible.”