Georgia Campaign Doesn’t Complain About Hefty Fundraising Fees

We finally heard back from someone at the campaign of Deborah Travis Honeycutt. A couple days ago, we reported that a Washington-based fundraising group raked in more than $500,000 for the little-known Republican running for Congress in suburban Atlanta.

That money came from a nationwide direct-mail effort targeting self-styled conservatives who want to help defeat Democratic lawmakers.

But only about $17,000 of that amount was spent in her district. Most of the rest went to fees paid to the fundrasing firm, BMW Direct, and its affiliates and vendors.

That didn’t seem to bother her campaign manager, Michael Murphy.

“We’ve been very pleased with them. BMW Direct has been able to help us raise resources and tap into a thirst in the country for the principles and platforms that she stands on,” he said.

Murphy was unable to say what that campaign money raised was spent on. The three campaign staffers are volunteers, and so far the main activity has been “pressing the flesh,” he said.

Murphy couldn’t say exactly how much was ultimately given to the campaign. Those details were handled by Andrew Honeycutt, the candidate’s husband and “campaign executive,” he said. (Andrew Honeycutt has not returned our calls)

“I just work with the resources we have,” Murphy said in the interview today.

“All I can say is we’ve been very pleased with BMW Direct.”