Glenn Beck Drools Over AR-15 Made Just For Him (VIDEO)

Right-wing pundit Glenn Beck has a new toy and he’s very, very, very excited about it. Executives from the gun company Black Rain Ordnance wanted to show Beck how much they “appreciate” the work he does, so they dropped by his office last Friday and delivered him a custom-made AR-15 rifle.To commemorate this momentous occasion, Beck’s website, The Blaze, published a 1,687 word story Monday detailing Beck’s “wide eyed” excitement after receiving the weapon. The site also posted a video showing Beck giggling and cooing as he carressed the rifle.

“Nice,” Beck said while pretending to shoot the gun. “That’s fantastic.”

Along with the lengthy recap and video, The Blaze promised to show “more exclusive footage of the gun presentation — including the moment Beck uncases the rifle — later this week on TheBlaze TV.”

In the clip that was posted online, Beck also revealed that aged rocker and pro-gun activist Ted Nugent has “been asking me to go hunting with him.” Beck, who said he has “been really shooting a lot this summer,” told the Black Rain Ordnance executives he wants to wait until he has had more practice before taking Nugent up on his offer.

“For a guy like me who’s not a big shooter … I just want to make sure I’m a good shot before I go out,” said Beck.

Beck wasn’t the only one who got to enjoy Black Rain Ordnance’s weaponry. According to The Blaze, Beck also sent “a slew of young employees and interns” to a shooting range where they were able to use “some of the company’s ‘coolest’ weapons, including fully automatic ones.”

Watch the video of Beck enjoying his new gun below.