Frank Gaffney And CPAC’s Alleged Muslim ‘Infiltrator’ Face Off (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper, the master of the TV match-up, had on both terrorism “expert” and sharia alarmist Frank Gaffney and Suhail Khan, a board member of the Amercian Conservative Union whom Gaffney has accused of being an operative of Muslim jihadists.

Earlier this month, Gaffney took to World Net Daily to accuse Khan, a Republican who served in the second Bush administration, of being a jihadist infiltrator to the Conservative Political Action Conference. Gaffney said Khan was an operative of the Muslim Brotherhood, a catch-all group that no longer operates in the United States, but which Gaffney and others connect to prominent Muslim groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations and Muslims For America.He repeated those accusations (and others) last night and Khan, as he did in an interview with TPM, denied them.

It’s good TV. Watch: