Feds: Kinde Durkee Investigation ‘Not Complete’

The federal government indicated in a court document this week that their investigation of California treasurer Kinde Durkee is not complete.

The government is “awaiting the production of additional, relevant materials that will assist it in the investigation,” according to a court document filed in the Durkee case.“It will take time for government investigators to review, analyze, and synthesize the materials to be produced,” the stipulation signed by both the government and a lawyer for Durkee indicated.

So far, Durkee has only been charged with allegedly stealing money from one California politician, but other campaigns have indicated that they’re missing money too and the charges are widely anticipated to expand.

Under the filing, both parties agreed that the period from Sept. 2 to Oct. 19 would be excluded from the Speedy Trial Act because it was unreasonable for an indictment to be filed within 30 days of her arrest.