Ex-Democrat Rep, Voter ID Convert Artur Davis Says He Might Run As Republican

After coming out in support of voter ID laws and donating to Republicans, former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis is continuing his march to the other side of the aisle, telling the Washington Post he could run for office as an independent or even a GOP candidate.

“I’ve heard some people at the national level encouraging me to run as an independent for my old office,” Davis told WaPo‘s Aaron Blake. “While there have been Democrats who have switched down there, the Republican Party has refused to accept them. Do I agree with the agenda items in the Alabama Republican Party? Some I agree with, and some I don’t.”Davis has claimed voter fraud is a major problem and said he’s seen it take place, though he’s repeatedly declined opportunities to back up his broad claims with specific allegations. Conservatives have used his change of heart to justify strict restrictions that most voting rights advocates agree could keep mostly Democratic-leaning voters from casting a ballot.

“If you think I made it up, you’re entitled to do that, and if you think there’s no credibility and I just made it up because I had nothing to do some day, that’s your prerogative,” Davis previously told TPM.