Ensign Establishes Fund To Help With His Legal Bills

Have you been itching to help Sen. John Ensign pay his legal expenses? You’re in luck.Roll Call reports that Ensign has established a legal defense fund to help pay the bills associated with the Senate Ethics Committee and Justice Department probes into his alleged attempts to cover up his affair. Contributions to such funds are capped at $10,000.

In a May 28 filing with the Senate Office of Public Records, the Nevada Republican explains that he is creating the legal defense fund “for the purpose of accepting funds and making expenditures in connection with legal expense incurred … in connection with legal inquiries, including by the Select Committee on Ethics of the United States Senate and the United States Justice Department, involving allegations of violations of the standing rules and standards of the Senate and Federal statutes.”

Ensign established the defense fund with $10 of his own money, which is standard practice for such funds.