Enright’s Classmates: Alleged Cabbie Slasher Had History Of Alcohol Abuse

The picture of Michael Enright, the 21-year-old New York film student accused of stabbing a cab driver after asking if he was Muslim, is still emerging, but two of his classmates at the School of Visual Arts told TPM that Enright struggled with alcohol abuse.One student, who asked not to be identified by name, described a “bad, bad drinking problem”:

I go to school with Mike, although we are not friends. I have no idea about his current condition butI have been following the story all day. What I can say about Mike is that he is without question a troubled person with a bad, bad drinking problem. He was my best friend’s roommate in freshman year and would drink till he blacked out every single night. I remember on election night 2008 we were all downstairs outside of the dorm screaming and celebrating at Obama’s victory and Mike came outside with tears streaming down his face. He pushed his way through us and when he came back five minutes later he had two 40’s in his hands.

Another student said, “Mike Enright despite his terrible action is a good friend and stand up guy,” but also described Enright’s troubles with alcohol.

He’s had problems in the past with alcohol but had been sober and in recovery.

I’m not sure when he picked up drinking again. I saw him after he had
gotten back from Afganistan from filming his doc, he was happy to be
back and had fond memories of the Afghan children.

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