Duke’s Booty (Photos Included!)

As we mentioned earlier today, Duke Cunningham’s ill-gotten gains are going on the auction block tomorrow out in California, but today, the public had the opportunity to peruse the spoils, to get in touch with their government.

TPM reader WP was kind enough to shoot some pictures for us. Photos below the fold…Here you can see happy citizens surveying the loot. Duke’s precious Persians are down in front there (most of which were bought by Wade in May, 2005), with all his other stuff along the wall:

Now for the individual booty. On November 16, 2001, Mitchell Wade bought Cunningham $12,000 worth of antiques, and “Cunningham told Wade, who then had less than $1 million in government contracts, that he would make him ‘somebody.'” Among the loot were three nightstands…

And four armoires. This must have been one of them:

On January 24, 2002, Wade paid $6,632 for a sleigh-style bed and a leather sofa…

I’m pretty sure that behind the sofa to the right and left are Cunningham’s famous commodes (2 of which Wade bought on February 5, 2002 for $7,200).

I’m not sure when Wade bought this, but it sure is pretty:

And with these, also bought by Wade, you must imagine the duo dining together, these silver candelabras burning brightly. Perhaps it’s 2005, a couple of years down the line, when Wade was doing more than $60 million a year in government business…