Colbert On Voter ID Laws: Why Not Let Only GOP Lawmakers Vote? (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert has only one explanation why politicians he doesn’t vote for are elected: voter fraud!

Colbert on Wednesday addressed the rise of restrictive voter ID laws around the country, saying they ensure only the right people vote. Take New Hampshire Republican House Speaker Bill O’Brien. Back in March, TPM reported that he wanted to disenfranchise students who “just vote their feelings.”Colbert wholeheartedly agrees. “College kids lack the life experience to vote,” he said. “It takes years of soul-crushing disappointment to be dead enough inside to elect someone like William O’Brien.”

But maybe the voter ID laws aren’t restrictive enough, Colbert suggested.

“We need something a little more selective than a photo ID,” he said. “These ID laws prove Republican legislators are great judges of who should vote, so let’s just cut out the middle man and let only Republican legislators be voters. That way, we will finally be certain that only the right people get elected.”

Watch the video: