Christine O’Donnell’s Ex-Staffer Says She Owes Him $18K

Christine O’Donnell is involved in a legal dispute with a former attorney for her campaign who says she owes him over $18,000.Virginia attorney Jonathan Moseley is demanding $18,250 from O’Donnell for campaign work and expenses from this year and in 2008. Moseley claims O’Donnell owes him $15,000 for research he did for her book, “Troublemaker,” and $3,250 for his role as campaign treasurer in 2008 when she unsuccessfully ran for Senate in Delaware.

In response to Moseley’s threat to sue, O’Donnell filed a a declaratory judgment complaint with the Court of Common Pleas, asking a judge to rule that she’s already settled the debts with Moseley. “We’re still willing to try and resolve the thing with him,” Rich Abbott, O’Donnell’s attorney, said. “But we can’t just write a check for amounts that we don’t believe are owed.”

From Delaware Online, Moseley alleges that he has e-mails that prove he is still working for O’Donnell:

Moseley said he received emails promising future payments for work he did for O’Donnell this year. Moseley said he “proposed, devised, researched, developed and drafted” a complaint O’Donnell filed with the IRS, contesting the tax-exempt status of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

CREW had filed an ethics complaint against O’Donnell for allegedly using her 2010 campaign funds “as her personal ATM,” and she eventually admitted she used campaign money to pay her rent.

The FEC is still investigating O’Donnell’s campaign.