Bob Ney: Indictment Won’t Keep Me Down

Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) tells U.S. News and World Report that ain’t no stinkin’ indictment gonna keep him down.

Phew. For a second there, I thought Ney was wavering.

Back in January, he told The Hill the same thing:

“I’m running — if I’m indicted, I’m running.”

But then he softpedaled that answer during an interview on Fox News shortly after his chief of staff, Neil Volz, implicated him in his guilty plea:

Q: If there’s an indictment before election day, will you continue forward with your campaign?

Ney: Well, I am not going to comment on hypotheticals. I don’t believe I will be indicted.

But now he’s back!:

“I don’t normally comment on hypotheticals,” he says, “but I’m in this race till the end.”

I wonder if there’s any reason that he’s willing to entertain hypotheticals again?