Birther-Friendly News Site: Birthers Have Been Threatened Too!

The American Patriot Foundation has claimed to World Net Daily that due to their support of a birther army doctor, the group has received “dozens of threatening phone message, e-mails and letters during ‘birther’ Army officer Terrence Lakin’s legal proceedings the past few months, including two letters that view the words ‘GOP’ and ‘Birthers’ through a sniper scope.”Lakin was sentenced to six months in a military prison last month after refusing to deploy to Afghanistan over concerns that President Obama may not be a U.S. citizen.

The American Patriot Foundation, the group that set up his legal defense fund, now claims that they’ve been targeted for being birthers — or “eligibility activists,” as WND calls them.

“I’ve been called a subversive and an enemy of the state, not to mention moron, insufferable little b-tch and a lot of other similar nasty comments,” APF spokesman Margaret Hemenway told World Net Daily. “I write a lot of them back to tell them that e-mail rage, like road rage, is neither healthy nor adult behavior and remind them it is the fundamental obligation of citizenship to support the U.S. Constitution.”

Here’s a sample of a threatening letter Hemenway claims she received:


The use of the crosshair, if real, is especially resonant in light of the shootings in Tucson over the weekend that included Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who remains hospitalized in critical condition after being shot in the head. Sarah Palin has been repeatedly walloped in the media for posting a map with a crosshairs drawn over Giffords’ district in March 2010.