Birther Army Doc Waives Hearing, Court Martial Likely To Move Ahead

The group backing Birther Army Doctor Terrence Lakin as he makes his way through the military justice system announced today that Lakin is waiving a preliminary hearing that was set for Friday.

Lt. Col. Lakin refused orders on the grounds that Barack Obama is not eligible to be president. It is now up to Maj. Gen. Karl Horst, Military District of Washington Commander, to decide if the case will go to trial, said Chuck Dasey, spokesman at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, where Lakin is assigned.

The American Patriot Foundation said in a press release:

Saying that the Army has made it “impossible for me to present a defense” at the Article 32 “preliminary hearing” previously scheduled for June 11, 2010, Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin has officially waived -cancelled–that proceeding. Therefore, the case will move inexorably on to a General Court Martial.

The purpose of an Article 32 hearing is for a military official to consider evidence and make a recommendation to a commander about whether a case should go to trial.

Dasey, the military spokesman, sent along this statement on the case:

LTC Lakin waived his Article 32 hearing on 4 June 2010.  Once the Article 32
was waived, the charges were forwarded by Walter Reed commanding general with a recommendation as to disposition to MG Horst, the Military District of Washington Commander, on 8 June 2010. It is now up to MG Horst, to determine if the case will go to court-martial and the level of court-martial. MG Horst could also decide that some other disposition is more appropriate than court-martial.  MG Horst is the General Court-Martial Convening Authority for Soldiers assigned to Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

The American Patriot Foundation also said Lakin will be releasing a new YouTube video, but it’s not out yet.

(This post has been updated with comment from the military.)