Another Split Personality

Today’s Washington Post profile on Tony Rudy continues the split personality theme in the Jack Abramoff investigation. You know about Abramoff’s double identity (“Good Jack” and “Bad Jack”) – well, meet Tony Rudy’s “darker side”:

…according to friends and co-workers, Rudy got involved with a lobbyist named Jack Abramoff, and a darker side to the young aide emerged.

And not only did Tony Rudy have two sides, but he represented one side of Tom DeLay:

One GOP lobbyist who worked with DeLay’s office and asked not to be identified said Rudy represented DeLay’s “harder edge.”

One Republican close to DeLay’s operation who asked not to be identified called Rudy “the implementer,” a practical, no-nonsense aide who made sure the Texas Republican’s political vision became reality.

So, for those of you keeping score at home – the Tony Rudy who pled guilty yesterday was “the implementer,” the “darker side” of Tom DeLay’s “harder edge.” I wonder if prosecutors could just indict that portion of DeLay and leave the rest alone?