Anderson Cooper Spars With Birther Army Doc And His Attorney (VIDEO)

Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, the Birther Army doctor being court martialed for refusing to follow orders, went on CNN with his attorney Friday night and argued with Anderson Cooper for eight minutes.

Most of the time was spent with Cooper posing questions to Lakin and Attorney Paul Jensen interrupting to debunk the anti-Birther premises of the questions.Said a frustrated Cooper at one point: “Can the colonel not talk for himself? The guy’s an adult.

Later Cooper said: “Are you saying, colonel — you’re not actually saying anything, but I’d appreciate it if you actually would, not hide behind your attorney — are you actually saying that all soldiers who currently serve who are from Hawaii should be suspect because that [a certificate of live birth] is what they provide?”

The soft-spoken Lakin, in one of his few direct responses to Cooper, said of Obama’s birth certificate: “It’s a fundamental of the Constitution, and my oath of office is to Constitution, and I believe we need truth on this matter.”