Abramoff Sentencing at 1 PM

Jack Abramoff and his partner Adam Kidan are being sentenced for their SunCruz fraud today in Florida. Back in 2000, they faked a $23 million wire transfer to fool other investors into dumping millions into their casino deal.

It might make for a good bit of theater – and Abramoff’s lawyer has promised that he’ll “name names” today (we’ll see) – but keep in mind that Abramoff will also be sentenced later this year in Washington for tax evasion, bribery charges and more fraud (his Indian clients). That sentence will be longer, and since it’s part of his plea deal that the two sentences for the two separate investigations will be running concurrently, today’s sentence is more or less academic. Abramoff won’t find out how long he’ll actually be in prison for months.

In the meantime, he’s got a lot more cooperating to do.