Wilmore To Cosby: ‘I Haven’t Forgotten About You, Motherf**ker!’ (VIDEO)

“The Nightly Show” with Larry Wilmore returned from hiatus with plenty to say about Bill Cosby’s 2005 deposition that reportedly detailed how Cosby drugged women so he could have sex without their consent.

“I haven’t forgotten about you, motherfucker!” Wilmore opened the show, bypassing all other weekend news.

The deposition reportedly detailed how Cosby’s preference for the quaaludes to drug women so they could “have a drink” together. Wilmore, like most of the country, didn’t agree with Cosby, who equated “having a drink” with giving drugs to unknowing women.

“It’s not the same thing. ‘Let’s have a drink’ isn’t a fun way to tell someone you’re going to roofie them,” Wilmore said. “Just like, ‘Let’s hang out,’ isn’t a cutesy way of saying you’re organizing a lynching.”

The deposition proved that Cosby has no self-awareness, Wilmore said.

“I only know three things in life to be true. One: Baby corn should not be a thing. Two: The word moist should never be used except next to the word towelette,” Wilmore said. “And Bill Cosby knew what he was doing.”

Watch the clip, from Comedy Central, below: