Weekly Standard Freaks Out Over Gay Marriage: ‘You Will Be Assimilated’


To its supporters, the legalization of same-sex marriage is now immortalized in the image of a rainbow flag — to the conservative Weekly Standard magazine, however, the moment is best depicted by a rainbow kill-dozer.

Tweeting out a 2,000-word piece from Monday anticipating that the Supreme Court would uphold the right of same-sex couples to marry, the neoconservative magazine simply wrote: “You Will Be Assimilated.”

Attached was a visual aid — an image of a giant rainbow steamroller apparently destroying a small town.

Driven by a handful of shadowy and presumably gay men, the machine was drawn rolling over small businesses and places of worship under an ominous sky with a dash of lightening.

The casualties of the giant gay steamroller: a church, “Bob’s Bakery,” “Dom’s Deli,” a joint labeled simply, “Pizza,” Smith & Smith Law Offices, a photography studio, and “St. Jude’s Christian Academy.”

“Corner Cafe” remained intact across the street, but appeared to be the next target in the path of the rainbow juggernaut.