‘We’ll Pass’: Group Stumping In Ohio For Social Conservative Votes Declines Comment On Coleman

Former Christian Coalition chief Ralph Reed, who’s currently criss-crossing Ohio drumming up social conservative votes for Mitt Romney, declined TPM’s request for comment regarding former Sen. Norm Coleman’s (R-MN) remarks in which he told a group of voters that Roe v. Wade will survive a Romney presidency.

“I think we’ll pass,” a spokesperson for the Faith & Freedom Coalition — Reed’s new group — told TPM Tuesday when asked about Coleman’s comments.

Reed told CNN Monday that FFC is “all in” for Romney in Ohio, rallying evangelicals to the GOP cause by talking up social issues.

“We think a lot of this stuff didn’t come up during the campaign,” Reed told CNN. “Whether it’s the marriage issue, abortion, the religious charity mandate, support for Israel, we sort of lay that stuff out there and let them see where the candidates stand.”

Romney has said more than once that he would like to see Roe overturned. Abortion-focused groups on both the right and left told TPM Tuesday that despite Coleman’s prediction, Roe v. Wade would be imperiled by Romney’s election.