Van Jones: GOP ‘Cheerleading For The Freeloaders’ By Opposing ‘Obamacare’

Van Jones argued Sunday that the GOP is effectively supporting free riders in their attack on the ‘Obamacare’ individual mandate, because if it succeeds, the uninsured will continue to receive care that taxpayers will have to help cover the cost of.

“It’s so amazing to hear the Republican Party now cheerleading for the freeloaders,” Jones said on ABC’s This Week. “They say ‘hey listen, if you divebomb yourself into an emergency room, don’t worry about it, taxpayers will pay for it; we have no — there’s nothing we can do to make sure people don’t pay on the front end.'”

“What I dont understand is, what does the Republican Party want here?” he added. “If we can’t have single payer, we can’t have a public option, and we can’t have individual responsibility, what we’re going to have here is more Americans dying.”

Ann Coulter, who also appeared on the ABC Roundtable, retorted that it’s “a freeloader problem created by Congress” thanks to a law requiring that emergency rooms do not turn down patients.