Trump Victory Projected In Bellwether Ohio


Donald Trump will win in Ohio, according to projections from NBC and ABC News. A victory in Ohio is considered crucial to Trump’s chance at winning the White House.

NBC called Ohio for Clinton three hours after the state’s polls closed at 7:30 p.m. EST. ABC News confirmed shortly after.

Before the end of the election, TPM’s PollTracker Average showed Trump leading Clinton, 45.7 to 43.3.

Trump took a single stop in Wilmington, OH on Friday in the final days before the election, claiming to repair infrastructure in the greater Cincinnati region and bring jobs to the state.

Trump has led Ohio in PollTracker since mid-October, with major pollsters, such as CBS/YouGov and Quinnipiac, projecting Trump ahead in the state by one and three points, respectively.

However, the Columbus Dispatch’s mail poll, released Sunday, showed Clinton ahead among Buckeye State voters by a single point. If Clinton took Ohio, the Dispatch reported her victory would “almost certainly end Trump’s hopes for the presidency.”

Ohio voters have voted in favor of the winning presidential candidate since the 1964 general election election.

A Republican candidate has not won the Buckeye State since George Bush took the state by two percentage points in 2004.