Videos Show Trump Supporter Shove, Put Protester In Headlock At NC Rally


Donald Trump’s Friday afternoon rally in Greensboro, North Carolina reportedly turned violent when a protester interrupted the GOP nominee, prompting a Trump supporter in the crowd to shove the protester and put the protester in a headlock.

Several reporters who captured the incident on video said that a Trump supporter attacked a protester after the protester interrupted Trump’s speech, and the Republican nominee asked for the protester to leave. The videos appear to show the Trump supporter chasing after the protester, putting him in a headlock, and shoving the protester’s head.

The videos also show members of the crowd giving high fives to the Trump supporter who attacked the protester as he starts walking back toward the front of the crowd.

Security escorted both the protester and the member of the crowd who shoved him out of the rally, according to reporters present.