Changing His Tune? Trump Praised ‘Excellent’ Meryl Streep In 2015


While Donald Trump may not have had kind words for 3-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep after her speech railing against him at the Golden Globes Sunday night, he was singing a different tune as recently as 2015.

In an interview flagged by US Weekly, Trump told The Hollywood Reporter that Streep was “excellent” and praised her character.

The plaudits come from a THR profile of Trump from when he began taking the lead among a sea of Republican candidates in the presidential primary. Trump was asked to name his favorite actress and Streep came to mind, along with her friend and sometimes co-star, Julia Roberts.

“Julia Roberts is terrific, and many others,” he told THR. “Meryl Streep is excellent; she’s a fine person, too. The problem is I’ll name three or four or five [actresses] and then the hundred that I know will be insulted, and I don’t mean to insult them.”

Trump also heaped praise in the interview on Robert Duvall and the late Marlon Brando, as well as conservative actor Clint Eastwood, when asked who his favorite actors are.

The President-elect took aim at Streep on Monday morning after she gave a gripping speech at the 2017 Golden Globes slamming Trump. Streep, a Hillary Clinton supporter and vocal opponent of Trump during the 2016 election, notably impersonated him at a fundraiser last year wearing orange makeup and a faux stomach. Streep also spoke at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in support of Clinton.