Trump Camp: We’re Not Trying To Stiff Pollster, We’re Disputing Size Of Bill


The Donald Trump campaign on Tuesday said that they are not refusing to pay pollster Tony Fabrizio for his services, but that the campaign is questioning the size of payment owed to the pollster’s firm.

“We are making sure that Mr. Trump is paying the correct amount,” Trump spokesman Jason Miller told the Washington Post. “The vendor in question is still very much part of the team.”

FEC filings show that the Trump campaign has disputed a payment of more than $766,700 to Fabrizio’s polling firm, as the Washington Post first reported on Monday. The Trump campaign originally would not comment on the payment dispute. On Monday, Miller told the Post that it was “an administrative issue that we’re resolving internally.”

Fabrizio was the very first pollster hired by the Trump campaign. He was brought on in May at the recommendation of Paul Manafort. Several reports have suggested that Trump and members of his team were not entirely happy with Fabrizio and his warnings that Trump’s campaign trail attacks hurt him in the polls.