Trump Attacks Clinton As ‘The Worst (And Biggest) Loser Of All Time’


President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Saturday morning to rail against former election opponent Hillary Clinton, calling her “the worst (and biggest) loser of all time.”

Trump was likely attacking Clinton over a Mother Jones interview that was published on Friday, during which she discussed the 2016 election and said that “there are lots of questions about its legitimacy” due to Russian interference and voter suppression.

That likely struck a nerve with the President, who is quick to defend his electoral victory and often lashes out against charges that Russian election meddling got him to the Oval Office.

Trump also tells Clinton to “get on with your life,” though POTUS himself periodically circles back to the election and Clinton, usually to push back on reports of his aides and campaign staffers’ contacts with Russia. He even went as far as suggesting that the Department of Justice investigate his former opponent and the Democrats.