Evangelical Tony Perkins Endorses Cruz: ‘I Trust Ted.’ (VIDEO)


Family Research Council President Tony Perkins endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for President on Tuesday evening.

Perkins noted during an appearance on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” that this was a personal endorsement and not a reflection of his socially conservative organization, which considers fighting for traditional marriage as one of its core tenets.

He called Cruz “bold” and unafraid to upset people.

“I believe the one who is best positioned, best prepared to lead this nation forward, pulling it out of the tailspin this President has put us in, I believe it is Ted Cruz,” Perkins said.

“I trust Ted to get things done,” he added.

Perkins said his decision was influenced by the future of the Supreme Court. It’s estimated the next President could nominate as many as three justices to the nation’s highest court.

“I believe Ted will be the best one to select to a conservative or a constitutionalist for the court. I’m concerned about where some of the other candidates would come from when it comes to court,” he added.

When asked why he didn’t endorse real estate mogul Donald Trump, Perkins said he finds something “attractive” about the Republican frontrunner.

“Donald Trump, there are things that are attractive. I actually find him interesting,” Perkins said. “I would consider him, we’ve at least laid the foundation for a friendship. I’m not going to say anything negative of Donald Trump.”

Watch the interview, from Fox News, below: