Tom Ricks: Fox’s Bret Baier Knows I Didn’t Apologize

Author Tom Ricks continued his battle with Fox News on Tuesday in a series of emails with TPM, insisting that he never really apologized for attacking the network’s coverage of the September attack in Benghazi in his now-viral interview.

Fox executive Michael Clemente has repeatedly said that Ricks apologized to the network following the Monday interview. But in the email to TPM, Ricks called Clemente’s account “misleading.”

“Rather than quote an offhand departure comment that is misleading, you should ask Bret Baier about the conversation I had with him after the interview,” Ricks told TPM. “It was lengthy, and on point. And contained no apologies.”

“You pretty much have my end of it,” Ricks wrote in another email. “But there is more to be told by Fox.”