Rep. Cotton Tries To Link Sen. Mark Pryor To ‘Radical’ Elizabeth Warren


Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR) is attacking Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) as one of the allies “radical” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) needs in the Senate.

“Warren sent a fundraising appeal for Pryor yesterday praising him and encouraging supporters to ‘do everything you can to reelect Mark Pryor,'” the Cotton campaign said in a new email on Friday.

The email went on to warn that Warren is the “intellectual founder of the radical Occupy Movement” and that she supports “European-style, single-payer” healthcare.

The email seems to be one of the latest attempts by Cotton to try and contradict Pryor’s styling as an “extreme moderate.” That approach has helped boost Pryor in his re-election fight. A number of recent polls show the two-term senator leading Cotton, one of the most high profile GOP Senate candidates this cycle.

Cotton, actually, has his own link to Warren. The Massachusetts senator was one of Cotton’s professors at Harvard Law School, according to National Review.