Congressman Slams ‘House Of Cards’ For Being Mean To Long Island Wine


Rep. Tim Bishop (D-NY) went after the Netflix hit series “House of Cards” for mocking Long Island wine in its new season, and invited the writers to visit his district and try some.

“I take exception to anyone criticizing Long Island wines,” Bishop told the Suffolk Times. First elected in 2002, he represents a swing district in Eastern Long Island and is fighting for re-election this year.

The congressman was referring to a quip by the fictional House Majority Whip Jackie Sharp of California, portrayed by the actor Molly Parker (pictured above), that Long Island wine “tastes like piss.”

Seizing the moment to win brownie points with his constituents, Bishop insisted that Long Island has “exceptional wines produced by skilled, dedicated and hard-working owners and their employees of vineyards on both forks of our East End.” He added, “I invite the individuals involved in the show to visit New York’s First Congressional district to join me at some of our vineyards.”