White House Planning Classified Briefing For All Congress Members Thursday

The White House will hold a classified briefing Thursday at 2 p.m. for all members of Congress, a senior administration official told TPM.

Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken and other deputies will be conducting the briefing. No other details were immediately available.

The briefings are part of the White House’s overall outreach plan to Congress. Democratic sources have said that they’re expected to play a key role in persuading skeptical members.

“In every briefing, hearing, meeting and call we will make the same fundamental case: the failure to take action against Assad unravels the deterrent impact of the international norm against chemical weapons use, and it risks emboldening Assad and his key allies – Hezbollah and Iran – who will see that there are no consequences for such a flagrant violation of an international norm,” the official said. “Anyone who is concerned about Iran and its efforts in the region should support this action.”