The Guardian Deletes NSA ‘Scoop’ That Quoted Conspiracy Theorist

The Guardian’s website on Saturday published and then subsequently took down an article on government surveillance titled “Revealed: secret European deals to hand over private data to America.”

According to Business Insider, the article relied on information from Wayne Madsen, a former NSA employee. Madsen is also a conspiracy theorist. He believes that President Obama is secretly a homosexual, and that the Boston bombing suspects were government agents.  

Here’s a snippet from the now-deleted article, which Business Insider saved:

Madsen said the countries had “formal second and third party status” under signal intelligence (sigint) agreements that compels them to hand over data, including mobile phone and internet information to the NSA if requested.

The article, by Jamie Doward, was originally written for The Observer, a Sunday newspaper owned by The Guardian.