Texas Killer Fails To Convince Jurors By Using The Dick Cheney Defense

A Texas man is facing life in prison after his attorney’s invocation of former Vice President Dick Cheney failed to win over jurors.

Paulino Flores was found guilty of murder Thursday for the 2010 killing of Pedro Hernandez. Flores thought that Hernandez and other men were trespassing on his property, but prosecutors said Hernandez was actually on his employer’s property.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, the defense attorney for Flores insisted that his client didn’t mean to hurt anyone. The attorney compared the shooting to Dick Cheney’s hunting accident in 2006.

While on an outing in Texas, the former vice president accidentally shot his friend with a shotgun.

The jury was not persuaded, and the defendant even picked up an additional charge of deadly conduct after a man accused Flores of firing several rounds at his feet a month after Hernandez was killed.