Tennessee Lawmakers Take A Stand Against Knife Control

In what must be considered a victory for the little-known but very real knife rights movement, the Tennessee legislature has repealed the state’s ban on switchblades.

The Associated Press reported that switchblades and knives longer than four inches had been included on a state list of weapons that could not been knowingly possessed or sold. The legislation removed that prohibition and doubled the maximum fine for using a switchblade while committing a felony.

The bill cleared the Tennessee Senate earlier this month and passed the state House this week, according to The Atlantic.

“We are really rewriting knife law in America,” Doug Ritter, chairman of Knife Rights, which modeled itself after the NRA, told the magazine. “Counting Tennessee, we’ve passed 13 bills in 11 states in four years. That’s a pretty admirable record.”

Photo via Shutterstock / CREATISTA