Steve Lonegan: ‘I Would Be A Total Asshole’ If I Didn’t Support Chris Christie In 2016


Steve Lonegan, the Republican candidate in New Jersey’s special Senate election, told TPM in a recent interview there is no question which of his big name supporters he would endorse if they were to run against each other in the 2016 GOP presidential primary.

Lonegan told TPM he would support New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R ) over Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), both of whom have feuded lately but have come together on an endorsement of him in the special election.

“I got to tell you the truth, I’m very very impressed with what Gov. Christie has done in New Jersey and how he stepped to the plate for me,”

Lonegan said. Lonegan previously ran against Christie in the 2009 gubernatorial primary, but he said they made their peace afterward.

“I will tell you that after the primary … he came over my house. I made lunch. The two of us sat around for a couple hours, talked about the race, how we were going to win the general, what I could do to help him,” explained Lonegan. “I stepped up to the plate and I campaigned for him hard, went out on the campaign trail, spoke at rallies, and, you know, we’ve had disagreements over some of the things he has done, but in general, we agree on the principles. And now, when it’s my chance, when I’m running, he’s done the same for me.”

Meanwhile, Paul is scheduled to be appearing at a fundraiser for Lonegan next month in New York City.

“So, how could I–I would be a total asshole if I didn’t support Chris Christie. Don’t use, you don’t have to use that word. You can find a better word,” said Lonegan. “How do you not support the governor who has been unabashed in support of me?”