Trump To Make An Appearance On ‘The Late Show’ With Colbert


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is scheduled to appear on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert — after the new late night host admitted that the businessman’s campaign put him on an Oreo binge.

On his first show, Colbert played footage of Trump and ate Oreos in a nod to Trump’s comment that he would not eat Oreos because some of the company’s manufacturing had been sent to Mexico.

“I’ve got to exercise some discipline. I don’t need to play tape of you to have a successful show!” Colbert said, about Trump. “Someone on television should have a modicum of dignity and it could be me!”

Trump is scheduled to be on Sept. 22 and Republican presidential hopeful and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is slated to be on Sept. 21.

Colbert had on Republican presidential hopeful and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for his first show.

See Colbert’s full guest lineup here on CBS.