State Attorneys General Slam Google’s New Privacy Policy

Google is evil if it updates its privacy policy as planned on March 1, at least according to 36 state attorney generals, as The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

The National Association of Attorneys General sent an open letter to the search giant on Wednesday saying that it is deeply conerned that the new Google privacy policy, which will consolidate the privacy policies of over 60 Google products into one master policy, “invade[s] consumer privacy by automatically sharing personal information consumers input into one Google product with all Google products.”

The letter, signed by 35 states attorneys general and the State of Hawaii Office of Consumer Protection, calls upon Google to meet with the association ahead of the privacy update and respond to the letter no later than next Wednesday, February 29. 

The letter also notes that the attorneys general have reviewed Google’s previous responses to lawmakers’ questions about its new privacy policy, but that they weren’t satisifed with the responses, saying they’ve “raised as many questions as they have answered.”