Spicer: RNC Will Accept The Results Of The Election


LAS VEGAS – In the spin room after the debate Wednesday night, RNC spokesman Sean Spicer once again found himself trying to clean up one of his nominee’s messes.

This time, he said that the RNC will accept the results of the presidential election after his nominee, Donald Trump, said on stage that he was going to leave American in suspense about whether he would accept the results.

“If he wins the election, which we think he will, then this won’t be an issue, but regardless, ya know, we’re going to accept the results and the will of the people.”

The answer came after a repeated pushing from reporters. At first, Spicer insisted that Trump would “100 percent” accept the election when it came in November.

“He’ll accept the results of the election 100 percent,” Spicer said when asked about the incident.

“Why won’t he say that,” Spicer was pushed.

“I think right now he’s very concerned about the bias that exists in the media and tilt for it and he wants to make sure …that people are focused on this election, but he will accept the results.”

“So do you approve of his answer?” Spicer was asked.

“It’s not for me to approve,” Spicer said.

Spicer added later that “I don’t speak for him. He speaks for himself, but Kellyanne just made it very clear as well, I think you know he’s gonna win this election soundly and this won’t be an issue.”

Pushed on what happened if Trump doesn’t actually win, Spicer doubled down.

“He will win the election so it won’t be an issue,” Spicer said.

Eventually, Spicer said the RNC would accept the results.

“That’s all I can speak for,” Spicer said.