Hannity: Jon Stewart ‘Has His Head So Far Up Obama’s Ass’


Comedian Jon Stewart and Fox News host Sean Hannity traded fresh blows Tuesday in their ongoing feud.

Stewart first got to talking about Hannity in an interview published in Rolling Stone. The comedian told the magazine that Hannity was “probably the most loathsome dude over” at Fox News.

“That’s just pure cynicism, and it’s horrible,” he said of Hannity’s show. “Everything is presented in as devious a manner as it could be possibly be presented.”

Asked if he would invite Hannity to be a guest on “The Daily Show,” Stewart said he had “no interest in that.”

Politico got a response from Hannity that ran down a list of the perceived failures of Stewart’s “beloved” President Barack Obama.

“Jon’s problem is he has his head so far up Obama’s ass he cannot see clearly, he is obviously better suited to reading his joke writers material, and making his clapping seal audience happy,” Hannity told Politico.

The Fox News host also repeated his criticism of Stewart’s association with musician Cat Stevens, who supported a fatwa against novelist Salman Rushdie.