Schumer To Hold Senate Floor ‘Late Into The Night’ To Protest ACA Repeal

Zach Gibson/FR170359 AP

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) plans to occupy the Senate floor “late into the night” Monday to protest Republicans’ plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, streaming the event on Facebook and talking calls from activist groups.

“We cannot allow Republicans to make America sick again by repealing the ACA without a replacement plan that will ensure millions of Americans are not kicked off of their insurance, seniors do not face cuts to their Medicare, women are not denied access to care because of their gender, and many other groups, including Medicaid recipients, rural hospitals and more, do not suffer,” Schumer said in a statement.

“Tonight, we are taking to the floor and social media to denounce this plan and warn the American people that the Democrats will be fighting tooth and nail against this potentially catastrophic move,” the statement continued.

Though Schumer said in the statement that he would be joined on the floor by fellow Senate Democrats, who are also expected to hop on calls with groups including Families USA, Planned Parenthood and the Service Employees International Union. It’s unclear which senators specifically will join the minority leader.

Schumer’s Monday effort is part of a larger Democratic push to highlight the consequences of repealing the Affordable Care Act. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), in a Washington Post op-ed Monday, heralded a nationwide “day of action” in defense of health care slated for Jan. 15 that he called “Our First Stand: Save Health Care,” including an appearance in Michigan with Schumer and Sens. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and Gary Peters (D-MI).

On Sunday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) promised a replacement for Obamacare “rapidly” after the law was repealed, but did not provide any details or a specific timeline. He did say “the first step” will be taken in the Senate by the end of the week.