Schumer: ‘Cruz Has Actually Advanced Our Cause’


Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) asserted Wednesday that Ted Cruz’s 21-hour filibuster had actually hurt the Texas Republican’s own cause and aided Senate Democrats.

“He’s holding the American people hostage because he’s so sure he’s right and everybody else is wrong,” Schumer told reporters. “Senator Cruz has actually advanced our cause. He has alienated some of his colleagues. He has united Democrats, and he’s shown the American people that he is willing to hold them and their well being hostage unless he gets his way.”

Schumer reiterated that Senate Democrats were receptive to returning the government spending bill to the House as quickly as possible to avoid a government shutdown. If Cruz and company take as much time as Senate rules allow, the Senate would not pass a bill until Sunday, leaving only 48 hours until a shutdown.

“If they want to speed things up, we are not going to slow things down,” he said.

He also indicated that most Senate Democrats would support a short-term spending bill that maintained sequestration.