SC Democrats Slam GOP For Calling IRS ‘Obama’s Gestapo’


The South Carolina Democratic Party condemned the state’s Republican Party Tuesday for a fundraising email that equated the Internal Revenue Service to the Nazi police.

“Just two months ago, Nikki Haley spent three days defending a white supremacist that she appointed co-chair of her campaign and now her party is equating its political opponents to the Nazi police that oversaw the imprisonment and mass-murder of millions of innocent people,” The Democratic Party’s Chairman Jaime Harrison said in a statement. “It’s a disgusting display that proves Nikki Haley truly knows no bounds when it comes to hypocrisy and has no standards for decency and standing up for rights.”

“As the leader of her party, Governor Haley should condemn these hateful remarks. And as Chairman of the SCGOP, Matt Moore should apologize to the people of South Carolina and donate any money raised from this email to charity,” the statement continued.

In the fundraising email, the GOP referred to the IRS as “Obama’s Gestapo.”