Rush Limbaugh Expects Gay Marriage Will Eventually Be Legal Nationwide

Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday conceded that gay marriage will eventually become the law of the land in the U.S., agreeing with proponents of same-sex marriage that “the genie’s not getting put back in the bottle” on the issue. 

“A lot of people have no personal animus against gay people at all,” Limbaugh said on his radio show, according to a transcript. “It’s instead, you know, a genuine, I don’t know, love/respect for the things they believe define this country as great. They get up every day and they see all this stuff under attack. They see it all under assault. And I think they’re just worried about the survivability of the country. And to which the opponents say, ‘Well, the country’s changing and you better get with it and understand it because this genie’s not getting put back in the bottle.’ And I think that’s right. I don’t care what this court does with this particular ruling, Proposition 8. I think the inertia is clearly moving in the direction that there is going to be gay marriage at some point nationwide.”

Limbaugh added that the political ramifications of same-sex marriage are still unknown, especially for the Republican Party: “I mean, the Republican Party, for example, could be looking at its ultimate demise here, depending on how it deals with this. Because they do have multiple millions of voters who are evangelical Christians who on religious grounds alone don’t support homosexual marriage and are not going to support a political party that does. So then the Republicans in that circumstance would be faced, if you were to lose multiple millions of voters over this, they are going to have to replace them somewhere. How do they do it? Do they try to siphon off most of the gay vote that’s going to the Democrats?”

Read more from the show’s transcript here.

h/t HuffPost.