Rubio Chalks Up Romney’s Struggles With Latinos To Campaign Spending Rules

Mitt Romney has struggled immensely to win over Latino voters throughout the campaign, something many observers have attributed to hard-line immigration policies embraced by the former Massachusetts governor and a Republican Party viewed by many as hostile to the Latino community.  But Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) offered a different explanation during an interview on “CBS This Morning” on Wednesday.  

Rubio cited a campaign spending rule that precluded Romney from spending funds until he officially secured the party’s nomination as the real reason for President Barack Obama’s overwhelming advantage with Latino voters.

“Here’s the problem we’ve had: It’s a quirk in the campaign laws,” Rubio said.  “[Romney] hasn’t been allowed to spend the money. You can’t spend it until he’s formally nominated. He couldn’t spend the money. Now he’s going to be able to spend money both in English and Spanish to explain to people how his policies will help the economy, small businesses and have the confidence to invest in the future.”

Rubio will introduce Romney at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night.