MS Tea Party Cofounder Asks God To Be ‘Violent Against’ GOP Establishment

The cofounder of a major tea party group asked God to be “violent” against the Republican establishment during the opening prayer of an event featuring conservative journalist Charles Johnson.

Roy Nicholson, the a founder of the Mississippi Tea Party, in the opening prayer asked God to “be violent” against the GOP establishment, according to the Jackson Free Press.

Nicholson made the comments at a speaking event featuring Charles Johnson, the conservative journalist who has found himself near the center of the ongoing story in which he alleged Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) engaged in vote buying to win the primary runoff election against state Sen. Chris McDaniel. Johnson has been subpoenaed by an attorney general, presumably related to the disputed claims made in the story.

Nicholson, who has been involved in a lawsuit to help fight McDaniel the runoff results, also once called on God to save the U.S. from the “criminal invaders” in the federal government after the Supreme Court ruled to uphold Obamacare.