Romney-Supporting SC Tea Party Leader: Release The Tax Returns

COLUMBIA, SC — Even the people who voted for Mitt Romney Saturday here say it’s time he release his tax returns.

Paul Anderko is a leader of GPS Conservatives For Action PAC, a tea party-leaning political activism group in Rock Hill, SC. He voted for Mitt Romney Saturday, and told me after the results were called that it’s time for Romney to release his tax returns.

“He should have done it by now,” Anderko said. “If it’s an issue for you, you’ve got to get rid of it.”

The leaders of the GPS PAC are divided. One of Anderko’s co-leaders of the group was an ardent Newt Gingrich supporter. Anderko says he likes Gingrich, but doubts he can win the general election.

“Mitt can get the moderate vote and the liberal vote that’s upset with Obama,” Anderko said. “I don’t know if Newt can do that.”

Anderko said that in order to get the chance to compete for those moderates, Romney has to step up his game and throw more red meat to the base.

“He needs to call Obama what he is: A socialist,” Anderko said. “He’s too nice.”